Life in the Small Town: What the Hell!?!

datePosted on 11:13, September 11th, 2013 by Small Town Mommy

On Wednesdays we join the ladies of Blue Monkey Butt for What the Hell Wednesdays.  This gives us the opportunity to share some of the things that are driving us bananas.

Now that I am recovering from pneumonia, my oldest daughter caught it, WTH!?! Can’t we catch a break. All the coughing is getting old.

I mentioned last week my fear of my daughter getting kidnapped at the bus stop, WTH!?!  Well, she can’t be kidnapped anymore.  The district has moved the bus stop in front of my house!  Now I get to stalk the high schoolers while they are waiting for the bus.

This isn’t a WTH, but I just want to encourage anyone who is able to donate blood.  Your blood can save another human being.  I donated blood yesterday and they gave me an egg salad sandwich.  I happen to love egg salad.  If you have a rare blood type and do a double red cell donation, they treat you like you are really special (which I image is just my due).